Nashville restaurant signs by Joslin Signs

Nashville Welcomes Chic New York Based Restaurant

In true Southern fashion, Nashville opens its arms to embrace the new casual, chic New York based restaurant, Trattoria Il Mulino. Il Mulino found its new home at the Hilton Hotel off Fifth Avenue South.

Joslin and Son Signs was given the opportunity to manufacture and install a sign that mirrors the consistent beauty and culinary delight that Il Mulino offers its guests.

For more information on Il Mulino, visit or stop in today.

The Band Box at Nashville Sounds stadium - sign by Joslin Signs

The Nashville Sounds Have a New Home

Everyones favorite minor league baseball team is sporting a new home in Nashville. The team has kicked of their inaugural season at the new First Tennessee Park. Joslin and Son Signs had the pleasure of providing “The Band Box” signage for the outfield bar. The sign boasts exposed red neon and draws just the right amount of attention at the game. Next time you find yourself at the new stadium, sit down, have a drink and cheer on the home team!

You can find the Nashville Sounds schedule at

RCA Studio in Nashville. Sign by Joslin Signs

Joslin Helping RCA Victor Studio Keep History in Tact

From the Nashville Business Journal – thanks to E.J. Boyer

In preparation for its 50th anniversary bash (scheduled for the weekend of March 29) and a life under new preservation-minded owners, Studio A is getting a facelift, starting with a new sign.

A permit was issued to install a roughly 7-by-31 square-foot illuminated, street-facing facade sign at 30 Music Square West, the address for RCA Studio A. The permit was filed by Joslin Sign & Maintenance Co.

Aubrey Preston, a noted preservationist and co-owner of Studio A, confirmed today that a new sign is in the works for the building, but declined to comment further because the project’s details are still in the works. If Preston‘s previous work with the historic Franklin Theater is any indication, it’s fair to assume the sign — aesthetically, at least — will be in line with the building’s age. (Via Getty Imageshere’s what the building’s sign used to look like).

Preston did say that a first priority for the group, as it looks to tell Studio A’s history and build its future, is to dispel the myth that Studio A isn’t connected to its much more famous neighbor RCA Studio B.

“The most important thing is to correct the idea that Studio A and Studio B are separate entities. … It was a complex where, when recording, part would happen in B and part would happen in A,” Preston said. “Song pitching, song writing, the creative process … it was all right there on one campus. When Studio B shuttered in 1977 [and later opened as a tourism attraction] it became disproportionately famous as an independent entity.”

Preston didn’t reveal many details on Studio A’s upcoming March 29 50th anniversary celebration, but reiterated that everything he hopes to do with the property will be through the lens of putting the building back together in its historical context, down even to props.Preston said he’s in talks with vintage car clubs to rent out 1960s Mustangs and Cadillacs to park around the property for an event.

E.J. Boyer covers the Music City’s tourism, hospitality and music business.
Purple elephants at Horton Group by Joslin Signs.

Purple Elephants on Rosa Parks Blvd

No, the circus is not in town and we aren’t talking about a new breed of lavender clad pachyderms.

We recently helped showcase the Horton Group offices with a new sign featuring their iconic purple elephant logo. You can ask anyone around town and they will know what you are talking about when you refer to the famous purple elephant. Now people will be able to attach that memorable image to a physical location smack dab in the middle of downtown Nashville.

Located at the corner of Commerce and Rosa L. Parks Blvd., directly across the street from the Southern Baptist Convention and right behind the Hume-Fogg School you will find Horton Group’s Nashville headquarters. The online advertising agency has been at their current location for more than a year now after leaving their previous office. Over the past few years they have made some serious renovations to the classical shotgun-style, vintage building. We were more than happy to take part in the building’s upgrades by outfitting the building’s facade with a stylish new look featuring a custom designed professional-grade sign.

The sign was mounted high on the building and strategically positioned to offer profile perspective, allowing it to grab the atention of people traveling either direction on the sidewalk or road. A big part of this project was integrating the sign with the current look of the building so all of the structure’s visual elements worked together. This specific sign was designed to match the classical-modern look of the building along with its vibrant color scheme and already present signage.

If you find yourself in traffic or stuck at a light around the intersection of Commerce and 8th or if you are taking a nice stroll down the sidewalk take a second to check out our handiwork at Horton Group’s office, 136 Rosa L. Parks Blvd.